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Minimum Qualifying Scores

USA Archery has only the recurve discipline recognized as an Olympic sport.  There are plenty of tournaments (regional, national, and international) that recognize barebow as well as compound too.  For this post on Minimum Qualifying Scores, only the recurve discipline is being documented.  The MQS is one large part of varying classification schemes used to qualify for Regional Dream Team, Junior Dream Team, and the Resident Athlete programs.  As an archer, you must shoot the MQS.

USA Archery sits somewhere in the mid technology zone.  They seem to have a lot of paper and as such, PDF continues to bridge the gap well for their needs.  The qualifications are published in PDFs, but you may sometimes find an outdated PDF and it’s hard to know if you have the right ones.

This handy chart simplifies the MQS for recurve with four different age classifications.
Current as of February 2018

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