Returning to the Range

A month ago, the younger one had withdrawn from the shoot.  We returned to practice this weekend at our outdoor range.  She proclaimed she was so excited to be able to shoot again.  And overall it went really well.  She was appropriately distracted by various bugs and a fearless little bird she named “Tinee”, but she completed more ends than I expected.  We were out there for almost four hours because the older one was getting ready for her second state games.

We worked on form, as every archer does during every practice, or at least that is what every practice has been for these kiddos.  Maybe Mackenzie Brown gets to do something else with her practice time at this point.

Understandably, her form was a little rough.  I decided to use Hudl Technique with her.  I was hoping to slow things down so I could see it.  I’ve used Hudl with the older one and I also wanted to make sure the younger one knew she was special too.

It was easy to see at 1/4 speed even if it is hard to see your iDevice with full sun.  I shared it with her and she felt like she could keep her bow arm extended and work on her draw arm elbow.

Meanwhile the older one was getting her site ready for 30-20-10 distances that the next tournament uses.  She was doing her sport and I didn’t have to pay too much attention other than recording her site positions.

Having a camera helps, but we also record them in her archery journal so that when we get to a tournament, we have backups.

She really likes this Shibuya site.  There are more expensive models, but this one works for her.  Since she started using it, we are both seeing more of them around, probably some sort of cognitive bias.   At Salt Lake, Steve Anderson spoke to the archers at breakfast.  Later, we saw he was shooting a Shibuya too.


There summer is winding down.  School starts again in a few weeks.  That means the outdoor season is winding down and the indoor season will be ramping up (with a lot of overlap).  I think the Byrds sing a song about this.


Working on Release

We have a safe place to practice near the house and that means more repetitions even though the range doesn’t provide longer distances.


Her shorter distance really improves her grouping.



Working On Release

Using Hudl, we were able to see her anchor wasn’t acting as much of an anchor in her shot sequence.  By drawing a straight line down on the video, her release hand was creeping forward.  We talked about it and watched it a couple of times on the iPad.  This is a fascinating age for sports feedback.  When we went out to shoot in the morning, she was able to make a small correction to her anchor by thinking of hooking her mouth.  It got better for her very quickly.


There is more work to do on her shot sequence especially around transfer, but little steps are good progress.

The younger one came with us too and wanted some video coaching.  I took some video, but mostly we’re working on confidence, posture, and safety right now.  She’s a yeoman in waiting.