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What is the Junior Dream Team?

I had a hard time understanding Junior Dream and Junior US Archery Team.  Guy Krueger, the USAT Assistant Head Coach/High Performance Manager told me this:
Junior USAT is a recognition for our National Team.  Jr. USAT members receive some USAT designated clothing and some access and benefits from our sponsors.
Junior Dream Team is a youth development program that focuses on developing athletes to be internationally competitive.  Jr. USAT members can be part of the JDT but that’s not always the case.  The JDT has a lot more commitments and requirement to be a part of the program and focuses more on training and camps.  So the JDT hasn’t replaced the Jr. USAT, Jr. USAT is more of a recognition and JDT is a program.
The Recurve Junior Dream Team consists of 36 of the most promising junior and cadet Olympic style archers in the country. The team travels to the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California once per quarter for an intensive week long training camp. Between training camps, Junior Dream Team coaches and archers continue to work together through the use of video and video conferencing via the internet.
US Archery at Chula Vista from Yelp 
2800 Olympic Pkwy
Chula Vista, CA 91915
United States

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