Fletching Arrows

While the kids are shooting aluminum arrows, they will have a long life except for being bent in the quiver while trying to sit down.  It makes sense to become an adequate fletcher of arrows (the person that adds feathers or vanes).  After some other attempts, I have crossed over from sloppy amateur to less sloppy amateur.  The secret is a good batch of acetone and the Bitzenburger jig.  It only does one feather at a time, but it works consistently for me which cannot be said of Arizona Archery EZ Fletch and the licensed other brands.

The Easton arrows stand up to a utility knife scraping off the old and the acetone cleans up the debris.  With patience, an arrow takes about 10 minutes to go from old and worn out to ready to shoot (if you aren’t needing perfect feathers).


One thought on “Fletching Arrows

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