First Meet

This was the young one’s first rotational. Although I know more than I did with the older one’s first rotational, there’s still a bunch I don’t know.  She sat next to the best shooter in the state.  He helped her remember to mark arrows on the target even in practice because you might have a bounce out. He also helped her with her stand so it was out of the way.

During the shoot, she was doing some of her drawings. She made a graphic design with arrows of different kinds and then wrote “Be Brave”.  She gave it to Matt about round 14.

Matt went on to win his gold pin in the second round.  I went to congratulate him and tell him thanks for helping her out. He asked if I was the parent of the No Limits girl. I said yes. He told me, ~”even though I got my gold pin today, that drawing from your daughter was the best thing that happened today.”


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