United States Archery Team

US Archery has stated this is their mission

The mission of USA Archery shall be to enable United States athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence in Olympic, Pan American or Paralympic and World Championship competition and to promote and grow the sport of archery in the United States.

US Archery assembles those athletes into the US Archery Team

The U.S. Archery Team (USAT), established in 1982, consists of the top male and female recurve and compound archers in the country.

Currently, US Archery only recognizes two disciplines: Recurve and Compound, although that changes officially in 2018 for Barebow.

There are currently three age divisions: Senior (any age), Junior, and Cadet. US Archery will recognize a new age division in 2018 as well, Masters (over 50).

Additionally, US Archery recognizes para-athletes as their own division (without age groups). Combining all of this, there are 30 different combinations for US Archery Teams (although I suspect that discipline (barebow, compound, recurve) is not distinct for the para-athlete.

  1. Male Recurve Senior
  2. Male Recurve Junior
  3. Male Recurve Cadet
  4. Male Recurve Masters (new)
  5. Male Recurve Para
  6. Female Recurve Senior
  7. Female Recurve Junior
  8. Female Recurve Cadet
  9. Female Recurve Masters (new)
  10. Female Recurve Para
  11. Male Compound Senior
  12. Male Compound Junior
  13. Male Compound Cadet
  14. Male Compound Masters (new)
  15. Male Compound Para
  16. Female Compound Senior
  17. Female Compound Junior
  18. Female Compound Cadet
  19. Female Compound Masters (new)
  20. Female Compound Para
  21. Male Barebow Senior (new)
  22. Male Barebow Junior (new)
  23. Male Barebow Cadet (new)
  24. Male Barebow Masters (new)
  25. Male Barebow Para (new)
  26. Female Barebow Senior (new)
  27. Female Barebow Junior (new)
  28. Female Barebow Cadet (new)
  29. Female Barebow Masters (new)
  30. Female Barebow Para (new)

Currently, only two of these teams (bold) above compete in the Olympics or Pan-Am games.


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