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Easton Pro Tour Recurve Backpack – Buy Nice or Buy Twice

At her first rotational, we were shooting at a range that had more offerings for the recurve shooter than her home range (which is similar to most ranges that cater to compound hunters).  The recurve crowd is definitely different.  They want colors and not just camouflage.  It’s hard to keep that  many SKUs in stock and so many pro shops will assist you in ordering from Lancaster Archery.   This shop carried a few backpacks.  The recurve bow can be quite compact once the riser and limbs are separated and a backpack is a great way to carry your gear around.  It is certainly better than carrying your stuff in an ill fitting duffel bag.  I picked out this one.  Each of the packs seemed about the same.


This bag did it’s job, but as she progressed in the sport, she had more stuff.  A plunger, a stringer, a second string for backup, arrow rests, knock points, hex wrenches, bow wax, finger tabs, and more.  This bag has one large pocket and then a second section on top which is smaller and has some small pockets to try and track stuff, but I ended up getting a small craft tackle box to track more things.  Then, she was supposed to take her older bow as a practice bow for some of her training sessions and we ran out of room.

So I started looking around and many of the bags were just variants of the same.  Then I found the Easton Pro Tour (this bag is discontinued and the quantities are dropping).  It’s a great bag.  It includes a tool folder, limb protectors, a space for a stabilizer, and many, many pockets.  It even has a poncho.  She can fit two complete bows in this bag. Strangely, it doesn’t include an arrow tube.

Everything has a home and that’s pretty great, but I’m left with the concern that like other sports built around machines/equipment, archery may conform to the “Buy nice or buy twice” rule.


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