Adding Arrow Points

The arrows here are from Carbon Express and are the Maxima Blue Streak.  In a future post, I will cover the vast and confusing world of arrow selection.

You’ll want to get some field points.  Most tips are for hunting, so you’ll want to make sure you get something for target shooting.  A very common size seems to be 19/64.

Next you need inserts.  These likely come from your arrow manufacturer and fit you arrow dimensions.  These are soft metal.

You will need arrows.  Some arrows start as shafts only.  This arrow includes a nock and fletchings (synthetic feathers).  Unless you have a jig, it is probably best to get arrows with fletchings already on them.

You need to rough up the insides of the shaft.  There are special tools for this, but a circular rasp might just work too.

You will need somee rubbing alcohol to clean out the shaft and the insert.

Dip one end of the Q Tip into the alcohol and clean out the shaft.  Then flip the Q Tip and use the dry side to mop the shaft.  Clean the outside of the insert quickly,

You will need epoxy, they make some specifically for this task.

Apply the glue to the insert.

Working quickly, move the insert around the shaft to get the glue even.

Use the insert tamper to push the insert fully into the shaft.

Your arrows are ready for their tip. They will thread into the insert.



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