Fourth or First Rotational

The end of the season is approaching. This was the second to last rotational and we signed up,since there was a snafu with her calendar last time,  it is her fourth time shooting in this sort of structure, but her first time at this distance.  Since moving to this longer distance, her shooting is erratic.  Archers want to have their arrows cluster together, called grouping; however, with only three arrows per end, if the first arrow is off target, the archer is going to make corrections.  Her bow weight is low, I think 16 pounds and her draw length isn’t that large either.  When the arrows leave her bow, they aren’t traveling too fast and that means small adjustments get magnified by the time the arrow reaches the target, even the 60cm target.

At this shoot, she was less nervous and even anxious to get started.  She got to shoot on the same target as a teammate who is also shooting this distance for the first official time.

She started slow, but sort of found her groove right at the lunch break.  For that end she shot a 10, 9, and 4.  That meant right after lunch she was struggling to get everything back together and didn’t reach that sort of score again.  More important to me was that she finished and her extra reps have certainly helped, she was an encouraging and supportive friend, and she had the biggest smile.

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