More Learning – ILF

The older one is going to need a new bow.  I don’t know when.  I chatted with a couple of the other dads.  I then got online to chat with Lancaster Archery.  Nearly all the shops I’ve seen in our area cater to the hunter.  They carry 40-80 compound bows in their shop.  Sometimes you find a shop with a couple of recurves, but not a lot for the younger shooter.  These shops lean on Lancaster Archery and will often assist in procurement through Lancaster.  I chatted with the rep and he had a few suggestions.  I learned that SF Archery is mostly a specialty brand of the larger Win & Win which I think is a Korean brand.  He suggested that she shoot longer arrows, so I may go get another set of arrows.  The longer arrow is a better flier he said.  Finally we talked about risers and limbs.  I learned that the big separation between a youth bow and the more advanced bows are the support of the ILF limbs.   ILF either stands for Interchangeable Limb Format or International Limb Fitting or Hoyt Dovetail System.  They are all the same thing and allow different limbs to be matched up with any sort of riser that supports ILF.  Originally developed by Hoyt in 1985, ILF has become the standard for many years.  I will be looking at new risers with ILF to let her have more options.  Here is a close up of the ILF/HDS connector.


More on ILF


3 thoughts on “More Learning – ILF

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