Move On Back

After the flare up about Yeoman and Bowman, it is clear that she should make the transition to the longer 18m distance. I backed her up to 10m and things were erratic. It was pretty clear to me that distance will amplify flaws. Sometimes her draw hand slips forward when she takes a while to aim. This has a big effect on the speed of the arrow and makes for a very difficult compensation — trying to adjust for the effect of gravity over a longer distance with different flight speeds. A second small flaw is how clean the release is. If it comes out of her fingers wrong the bow string moves more side to side and decreases the speed of the arrow. I told her to worry about being on target after we got more consistent on where she releases and how clean the release is. We picked a specific point on her jaw bone and she can feel it before she releases. Making improvements on this small thing has begun to show. She is shooting at 14m and her shots are going further into the target. That makes me feel she can reach the target from 18m if she can make progress on these two things. If she can get her velocity consistent, adjusting her aim for the distance will be easier.

Keeping her confidence high is important.


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