Third Rotational Comes with Confusion


We showed up in Colorado Springs and were filing in to pay our fees, but the registrar had a surprise for us.  She was to shoot 20 meters in position 1A.  Whoa.  I told her mom to hold the check and went to find her coach.  He was confident of his understanding of the Yeomen (maybe even Yeowomen?) vs the Bowmen class.  Yet, the schedulers were pretty confident about their interpretation.  Conflict was the result.  I pulled her to the side and just let her warm up with her stretch band and get out of the way of the grown ups arguing.

With a handful of minutes to spare, there was a concession that she could shoot at 10 meters.   We were pretty relieved.  Then they said at at the 14:00 session.  Ugh.  It’s 8:45 in the morning.  We don’t have anything to do for that long.  Her coach greased the wheels and she got a spot for the 9:00 shoot.

When we were at practice Friday, we didn’t get there early, so we decided to shoot some more after practice.  We went to the 10 meter room and got in some reps.  She was shooting with the older brother of a classmate.  He was shooting compound. They were shooting at roughly the same time on occasion and I remember watching her arrow was barely leaving the frame when his arrow was hitting the target.  Those compound bows have so much power.  It’s likely a complex piece of equipment, but once you get used to aiming, the speed overcomes the physics of a recurve bow and the arrow tends to end up where you aimed it.  That’s not quite true for recurve.  There’s so much movement and with her, so little force that gravity also kicks in.  Shooting at 20 meters, she would spend the entire day, just trying to get an arrow to land near the target.

She had a slow start, but got on track.  I could see the difference in her grouping from the backyard to this event at 10 meters and she was not showing the same level of control.  I don’t know what will happen at 20 meters.  I think she finished about 50 points better than the second rotational, but this may be her last one for a while if we have to shoot at 20 meters.


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