Social Leanings vs Safety

Last night was interesting.  The practice was moved around to make room for the holiday.  Conflicts in schedules meant both girls went to practice.  We didn’t go super early because I didn’t want the young one to get bored.  When the older one was shooting, I observed a behavior I’m trying to correct.  She’ll have her arrow drawn and then start looking around.  Part of me thinks that it is her need to be social.  She did this in solo shooting and in her regular practice.  I pulled her aside and told her that this was the time she needed to focus.  It just isn’t safe to have an arrow drawn and not be focused on the release.  She accepted my critique and then unloaded four shots about five inches apart for all of them.  When she learns how to tune out the noise and get inside her head, I think she’ll really start doing well in this sport.

It’s just about a year since she got her own bow.  She’s changed hands, bruised some arms, shot in two tournaments, and continues to impress me.  I think this is going to be a good sport for her.


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