Thanksgiving weekend wasn’t a time to practice much. I reached out to Sean and agreed to buy the left handed bow on Monday night. That means we’ll have only a few days to practice. Sean gave me a fair price so now we have a left hand bow slightly larger than the first bow. I told her the bow would be part of her Christmas present. We got a finger tab for lefties and a new arm guard.

This video ( shows what is going on when the bow string gets released. With a compound bow, you use a release tool. On recurve, you use your hand, and that means the string and the arrow are going to be wobbling as it leaves your frame. It also means the string will be slapping against your arm. With a switch to the left, I figured a fuller arm guard would be a good choice as she relearns her release.

What is the Archer’s Paradox?

What is a bowstring?


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