A Game By Any Other Name Could Be A Tournament Or A Rotational

The family drove out to the south-south-south-west metro area to go watch our first tournament. Before we commit to another round of JOAD practice, I wanted to see if she would be ready to do a tournament. She is not currently competitive or probably better said she is selectively competitive. She was unsure at first, but we went to watch. She said hello to her coaches and got up to the shooting line. My impression is that these things are pretty crowded. A range might hold 16-30 shooters and they all go up and shoot at the same time with a clock going in the background. A round doesn’t last more than three minutes. Then, another line of kids shoots. And thus, I guess they call this a rotational. There were a large number of parents or coaches and so much gear. Huge scopes to peer at the targets, laptops, tablets, giant cases, and mostly I remember seeing enormous bows with all sorts of contraptions. Once we got over to the shorter distance, it was a little quieter and she watched about six rounds.

“What do you think?”

“I think I could give it a try.”

“It didn’t seem that different than practice…”

“No, although there were more people.”

“Well, why don’t we sign up for the next one?”

“I think I could give it a try.”


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