The Next JOAD Leans To The Left

We went back to No Limits. We had to get across most of Denver and I chose to try to do that on Monaco. Ugh. That was a bad choice. The JOAD at No Limits is now being run by a husband and wife. I think they also have two older kids that are part of the team. They kept referencing it as a “team” so that will be interesting. As a first session and being a little bit late, I would say it was mostly organizational. They want the kids to have a rubber hose for training. They also want notebooks and other stuff. It will be interesting, she’s not a pure novice, but she’s not a shooter like the older kids. It looks like by age, she’ll be joining the “junior” team.

I may have missed something, but they were standing in a group and doing some stretches and the coach pulls me over and asks if I know she is left eye dominant.  I don’t know that.  I do know she is right handed.  Well, she might want to try shooting left handed.  Huh?  That seemed strange, but I do realize that she might have outgrown her bow over the summer.

There is a tournament that I tried to register for, but it looks to be full.


One thought on “The Next JOAD Leans To The Left

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