More JOAD, Less Shooting

We keep going to JOAD and she seems to like it. I think the coaches are trying to anchor the idea that shooting is mostly mental. I can agree, but she needs to shoot more.

She ran into either the owner or another woman coach and told her thank you. The women says to her, “You keep shooting, girls can be great in this sport.”

I had been doing this western style of stringing the bow ( see ) and didn’t know I should get a stringer, so I picked one up. Bear Creek has figured out that a clamshell arrow case is a big enough case for a young archer bow and arrows, so I picked up one of those too instead of tracking all the stuff in the back of the car. It looks like this

So, at this point: a bow, a case, a quiver, four arrows, a stringer, and arm guard, and a finger tab plus a lot of smiles.


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