Wherefore are thine leagues?

As a child participant in basketball, soccer, and volleyball, I am familiar with the league.  When I sought out leagues for children, I kept running into JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development).   I was familiar with Junior Olympics in volleyball, but it was something that happened after years of league play.  I didn’t think we were ready for that, despite how heady the daydreams of her shooting in the Olympics sounds.  I couldn’t crack the code of JOAD at No Limits, so I checked out Bear Creek Archery.  I signed her up for the next session and in turn received the first checklist.  She would need a quiver.  At No Limits, topless street cones held your spare arrows.  I really thought the quiver was something quaint from Robin Hood.  She would need arrows and a finger tab.  I was busy getting it all ready.


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