How to Start?

I thought this might be a fun journal from me to my daughter, but I am also going to try and document what I learn about archery.  As parents, if you don’t have an inside track to something, everything is foreign and undocumented, or so it seems.  Archery that I’ve seen seems to be similar.  The shops are truly small businesses.  There are no national archery stores nor franchises that I’ve come across.  The big national outdoorsmen places, Cabelas. Bass Pro Shop, and Gander Mountain Range cater to the hunter/compound market.  If they carry other bows, they look like the equivalent of My First Sony.  The local shops look to be family affairs.  They will have a web page, rarely e-commerce, and generally no bootstrapping guides for parents.  The preferred communication protocol is the phone or to drop by the shop.  Since I was thinking of a holiday gift for my daughter, this was proving to be hard.  “What’s her draw weight?”  I don’t know, do you mean how much she weighs? No. Instead we reverted to talking about her gender, height, and age.  It was sort of confusing.


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