“It Makes Me Feel Strong”

We’ve gone shooting a few more times.  I suspect like any place that rents equipment (roller skating, bowling, etc), the equipment is chosen for durability or cost.  By our third trip and third different sized bow, it was becoming apparent that owning your equipment might be cheaper and/or lead to improvement by minimizing variance. My arrows were straight enough, but the feathers were thinning.  There are three feathers.  The one feather that is a different color goes away from the bow frame.  I noticed these were particularly ragged suggesting other renters may not have understood this orientation.  I found it hard to adjust while I was shooting with her.  The instructor had said that recurve is much harder to shoot.  That was holding true for us.

After an hour on the range, I asked her what she liked about archery on the ride home.  She said, “It makes me feel strong.”  Good enough for me.

What are fletchings (feathers)?


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