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Finding Archery Places

I’ve decided to keep a directory of archery places in Colorado. You can find it

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Indoor Season Begins


October has the first snow and the first indoor tournament. The range has a new owner and less lanes.  The older one started the day before 6:00 AM. The younger one shoots at noon.


Another Toxophilite

Toxophilite became established in the language as the name for a late 18th-century English archery society. The word derives from Greek toxon, which referred to both a bow and arrow, and philos, meaning “loving.” Today, toxophilite is a rarely used word but often occurs in vocabulary games and puzzles and in spelling bees. A more ubiquitous descendant of toxon is “toxic.” Toxic is an anglicization of Latin’s word for “poison,” toxicum, which originally meant “poison for arrows” and is a borrowing from Greek toxikon, meaning “arrow.”  from

In episode six of season one of Victoria (on PBS Masterpiece theatre), archery shows up as a plot device. The boys are discussing Duchess Harriet and Prince Ernest calls her a toxophilite to his brother Prince Albert.

I would guess this episode takes place in the year 1841. In episode seven, Prince Albert rides a locomotive which was likely 1841. In 1840-1841, George Hagar Hansard released The Book of Archery in London.

Although Merriam associates toxophile with English shooting clubs, it was most likely introduced by Roger Ascham in his 1545 book named Toxophilus with this introduction/explanation/apology:

I trust no man will be offended with this little book, except it be some flet-
chers and bowyers, thinking hereby that many that love shooting shall be
taught to refuse such naughty wares as they would utter. Honest fletchers
and bowyers do not so, and they be unhonest, ought rather to amend
themselves for doing ill. than be angry with me for saying well…. And
this little book I trust, shall please and profit both parts: for good bows
and shafts shall be better known to the commodity of all shooters, and good
shooting may perchance be the more occupied to the profit of all
bowyers and fletchers. And thus I pray God that all fletchers get-
ing their living truly, and all archers using shooting
honestly, and all manner of men that favour artillery,
may live continually in health and merriness
obeying their Prince as they should,
and loving God as they ought, to
whom all things be all
honour and glory for
ever. Amen.


Hoyt High Performance Recurve Backpack


  • weatherproof cover
  • padded riser bag
  • padded limb bag
  • interior stabilizer pocket
  • adjustable sternum straps
  • two accessory zones
  • 73.7cm high x 19cm deep x 35.6cm wide
  • top and side handles, backpack straps can be tucked into pockets
  • arrow tote

This bag is a replacement for the excellent Easton bag.  The younger shooter’s low end Legend bag was ripping at the seams in numerous locations and she needed a different bag.  This Hoyt was procured for the older shooter.

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Minimum Qualifying Scores

USA Archery has only the recurve discipline recognized as an Olympic sport.  There are plenty of tournaments (regional, national, and international) that recognize barebow as well as compound too.  For this post on Minimum Qualifying Scores, only the recurve discipline is being documented.  The MQS is one large part of varying classification schemes used to qualify for Regional Dream Team, Junior Dream Team, and the Resident Athlete programs.  As an archer, you must shoot the MQS.

USA Archery sits somewhere in the mid technology zone.  They seem to have a lot of paper and as such, PDF continues to bridge the gap well for their needs.  The qualifications are published in PDFs, but you may sometimes find an outdated PDF and it’s hard to know if you have the right ones.

This handy chart simplifies the MQS for recurve with four different age classifications.
Current as of February 2018

Links to USA Archery

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RIP: Ann Clark

Ann Clark passed away on 1-February-2018.  You can read more about Ann in the archived biography on this site:

USA Archery had this to say:

Ann Clark began her impressive archery career in 1955 and was a natural. She enjoyed shooting with her husband and decided to compete at the National Archery Association (now USA Archery) Championship and won first place that year. After placing third in 1957, Clark qualified for the U.S. team for the World Championships in Prague, where she won silver. Until that year, no other team had ever won full podium sweeps in both the men’s and women’s events. Clark again won the National Champion title in 1960 and was National Field Champion in the freestyle division in 1961.

Ann Clark’s Obituary:

May 2, 1925 – February 1, 2018

Ann Clark, 92, of Glendale, Ohio, passed on to her next life on Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018.

Born on May 2, 1925, to Frank and Aleen (Dunlap) Knierim, Ann found her passion in archery in 1955 when her husband, Jack Clark, gave her a hunting bow so she could join him on his hunting adventures. Ann enjoyed it so much that she decided to try target shooting, and the same year she won the National Archery Association Championship. She won it again in 1960.

In 1984, Ann was inducted in the Archery Hall of Fame & Museum in Springfield, Missouri, following an illustrious career as a competitive field and target archer, bow hunter and coach.

She bested the field at the Ben Pearson Indoor Open Championship in 1961, and followed that victory by winning the National Field Archery Association Championship in 1962.  Ann was instrumental in developing and promoting the National Archery Association and the Junior Olympic Archery Development Program. In 1987, she received the National Archery Association’s Junior Olympic Development Award.

Ann spent most of her life promoting the sport she dearly loved. She spent much of her time in the Michigan outdoors. She was a longtime friend of Fred Bear, American bow hunter, bow manufacturer, author and television host; Darrell Pace, two-time Olympic gold medalist and World Champion archer, and rock-and-roll legend Ted Nugent.

Upon learning of Ann’s passing, Nugent offered this comment: “Quality of life and the ultimate American dream comes from discipline, control and intellectual path of life guidance. That describes the mystical flight of the arrow and Ann Clark personified the mystical flight of life’s arrow. She was one in 100 million and she will guide our arrows home forever.”

Ann was the beloved mother of Sherry (the late Lou) Armstead, Diane (Terry) Carrier and Deborah Ohl.

Loving sister of June Hesselbrock, the late Isabelle Horton and Frank and Donald Knierim.

Cherished grandmother of 10, great-grandmother of 22 and great great-grandmother of 7.

She is also survived by many nieces, nephews and wonderful friends.

Visitation at St. Gabriel Church, 48 West Sharon Rd, Glendale, 45246 on Tuesday, February 6th from 9:30 AM until Mass of Eternal Rest at 10:30 AM. Burial will follow at Arlington Memorial Gardens.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the National Archery in the Schools Program, W. 4285 Lake Drive, Waldo, WI, 53093 or charity of choice.


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Mentor Day for the older one with her fantastic mentor – K. It’s been a sluggish and snowy day and K made it all the way down from Fort Collins to help her with 1:1 time. It was a tough national shoot in Albuquerque last weekend and K injected Her with renewed confidence in her self and what she is capable of doing. The mentor program for No Limits Sharp Shooters may not always work out, but this pairing has really made a difference for the older one.

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Indoor Nationals – 2018: Albuquerque Edition

The older one headed to Albuquerque for Indoor Nationals. Indoor Nationals is combined with JOAD Nationals at many venues. More background information is here.

Albuquerque has its own unique attractions, but it doesn’t feel as elite as being in SLC at the Easton Archery Center with the home of Hoyt right around the corner.

The tournament is held inside the Albuquerque convention center.

Brady Ellison was also at this event, but shot his two sessions back to back and then disappeared.

It was a difficult shoot for her. She may have even suffered a bout of target panic. She persevered and completed all three sessions. For this event, most of her team and her coaches had selected SLC as their venue and date. As such, she was shooting alone.